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Among our Director's most recent publications are:

P. Weller (2016), "Balancing Within Three Dimensions: Christianity, Secularity and Religious Plurality in Social Policy and Theology", in Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, 26,2, pp. 131-146.

P. Weller, K. Purdam, S. Cheruvallil-Contractor, N. Ghanea and P. Weller (2017), "Religious Organizations and the Impact of Equality and Human Rights Laws in England and Wales", Politics, Religion and Ideology, March, pp. 73-88.

P. Weller (2018), "Religious Minorities and Religion and Belief Freedom in the UK", Religion and Human Rights: An International Journal, Volume 13, 1, electronic edition, DOI 10.1163/18710328-13011160.

Research Reports:

P. Weller, A. Feldman and K. Purdam (2001), Religious Discrimination in England and Wales, Home Office, London.

J. Beckford, R. Gale, D. Owen, C. Peach, P. Weller (2007), Review of the Evidence Base on Faith Communities, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, London.

P. Weller (2010), Religious Discrimination in Britain: A Review of the Research Evidence, 2000-2010, Equality and Human Rights Commission, Manchester.

P. Weller, T. Hooley, and N. Moore (2011), Religion and Belief in Higher Education: The Experiences of Students and Staff, Equality Challenge Unit, London.

And books:

P. Weller (2005), Time for a Change: Reconfiguring Religion, State and Society, T & T Clark, London.

P. Weller, ed. (2007), Religions in the UK: Directory, 2007-10, University of Derby and Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby, Derby.

P. Weller (2008), Religious Diversity in the UK: Contours and Issues, Continuum, London.

P. Weller (2009) A Mirror for our Times: 'The Rushdie Affair' and the Future of Multi-Culturalism, Continuum, London.

P. Weller, K. Purdam, N. Ghanea, S. Cheruvallil-Contractor (2013), Religion and Belief, Discrimination and Equality: Britain in Global Contexts, Bloomsbury, London.



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