Religion and Belief Research and Training Ltd

The company offers research, consultancy and training services

with special reference to:

- religion and belief in public policy
- religion and belief state and society relationships 
- religion and belief freedom and human rights
- religion and belief discrimination
- inter-religious and inter-convictional relations

Previous research customers of the business include the University of Derby and the Arthur Rank Centre; consultancy customers include Stoneygate Baptist Church, Leicester; and training customers include the St. Padarn's Institute/Athrofa Padarn Sant, Cardiff, and the Religious Diversity Trust in New Zealand/Aotearoa..

Together with his academic and research qualifications, company Director Paul Weller holds a Certificate in Education and a Managing Safely Certificate of the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and is an Accredited Trainer of the prize-winning Belieforama training on religious and belief diversity and anti-discrimination (see

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Company number: 10303967